Building bridges between the Muslim Community and the Greater London Community.

Our Purpose

The purpose of Run for a Cause is to build bridges between the Muslim Community and the greater London community while raising money for a non profit organization. Past years initiatives have been CIBC Run for the Cure, The Children's Museum, The Unity Project and The Salvation Army. The project was initially lead by Anas El Khatib before he went off to Ryerson University. Last summer, I directed the project and was able to raise with my team, $1500.00 for The Salvation Army. This year our goal is to raise $2500.00 for The Children's Health Foundation's Art Therapy Service. In the past, the way the project would normally go, would be that we host a pre run dinner to give the public more info about the project. We would then host the community run and then conclude the project with a closing ceremony where we would present the target organization with the final cheque.

This year, we are taking our project in a different direction. We hosted our first event, a café night event back in May where we were joined by Jennifer Baxter, Community Relations Associate for the CHF, Adam Fearnall, the chair of the London Youth Advisory Council and Anas El Khatib, the founder of the Run for a Cause Project. The purpose of the café night was to raise awareness for our project and give the public a bit more insight in regards to how our project will be changing from previous years. We are now thinking of hosting another event in the month of August that will be announced in the near future and also host the community 10 kilometer run in October as well. We would like to host our formal fundraising dinner for either November or December of 2016. By doing so we are extending our projects timeline so we can really make an impact for this year.

This year is a really big year for us as it is the fifth year of the project. Now we have taken our project onto a whole new level with our presence on social media!

We will be updating you all very soon about the projects progress and we all really hope that you can make it out to our events to show your support!

On behalf of the Run for a Cause Team of 2016, thank you for all of your support and for showing a keen interest in our project!

Sincerely, Fadi Obeid Chairman, Run for a Cause Charity Project

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Fadi the Chairman


Saja the Sponsorship Committee Co-director


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Upcoming Event

Run For A Cause 2016 Formal Fundraising Dinner

When: Sunday, December 18 at 5:30 PM - 8:30 PM

Where: London Muslim Mosque
151 Oxford Street West, London, Ontario N6H 1S3

Description: On December 18 2016, the Run for a Cause team will be hosting their annual formal fundraising dinner. This year, we are hoping to raise a total of $2500.00 for The Art Therapy Service of The Children's Health Foundation. We hope that you can join us in helping out this noble cause. Join us on the evening of December 18, where you will have the opprutunity to learn more about the origins of the RFAC project as well as The Art Therapy Service of the CHF.

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